Caribbean Cafe

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Caribbean Cafe and Pastry is a Jamaican-French fusion bistro based in Negril, Jamaica. We serve 15 different types of coffee, ranging from espresso to cappuccino, lattes to frappuccinos along with a robust and carefully crafted menu of sandwiches, oven-baked pizza and our specialty, fresh pastries.

Our menu incorporates the best of Caribbean fare infused with French personality served in sumptuous portions, perfect for a hearty lunch or early dinner. Following that meal allow us to indulge you with one of specialty coffees and a delightful, if somewhat decadent, desert.

At Caribbean Cafe + Pastry everyday offers a different surprise for your sweet tooth. Whether you choose to indulge in our chocolate or coffee cake, cheesecake, danishes, croissants or whatever else our chef conjures up that day, you can be always be sure of fresh baked pastries made of the finest ingredients.

Let us cater that special event….where and can provide you with anything from our famous ‘melt in your mouth’ chocolate croissants to fresh baked bread, to that, once in a lifetime, signature wedding cake. We can cater your event anywhere in Jamaica.